Kig-Yar are a race in this wiki.

Jackal Minors


Kig-yar are bird-like humaoids. They are typically 6 feet tall and are incredibly fast (three times more then humans). Kig-yar have surperior vision to humans and can see five times as far as humans. Kig-yar also can jump three times their height, are twice as strong as humans,and reflexes are three times better then humans.

Kig-yar can also hear 8 times more then foxhounds and 5 times more then bloodhounds.


Kig-yar are from the world Eayn. They had a moderate ammount of wars and most Kig-Yar enjoy to hunt. Kig-yar have renowned marksmen and have throughout history. Kig-yar also enjoy to have races and track is an extremely popular sport on Eayn.

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