Locust are one of the only ERL vechiles that is treated with moderate respect. They are the primary covenant vehicle used in jungles where they are feared. When fighting in other environments they out match light vehicles (ghosts, speeders, and spectres) ,but are outmatched by tank vehicles  (at-tes or IFT-X tanks) in close range. However, Locust outmatch most tanks in long range combat.


Locust can fire at a range of 1 mile. These locust fire powerful lasers straight at their foes. The Locust biggest disadvantage is their limited mobility. Locust pretty much won't dodge any shots fired at them ,but their lasers fire so fast that other vehicles can rarely avoid them. Everything ultimately comes down to who shoots first or who has the better range. Locust also have shields that can be taken out in 1 rocket or heavy shot ,but it gives them just a little longer to get in the fight. Their rapid fire lasers make it easy for them to dispatch enemy infintary.

The only major threat against Locusts is artillery and air strikes.