Rogue is a soldier in the New Galactic Republic as of 2558.

History Edit

Nomad Invasion Edit

Rogue was born on the outskirts of civilized space in 2526. He grew up in harsh conditions. In 2544, the planet was glassed during the nomad invasions. Rogue was evacuated to the mountains along with the other teenagers. The remaining survivors took cover deep underground. Food was scarce and there were little provisions. Sharp-Yar, who were allied to the nomads, were deployed to search for survivors and scavenge for supplies.

Since all of the soldiers had died defending the cities, the survivors had to teach themselves how to fight via smuggled field manuals. They learned to steal from the Sharp-Yar for the food, weapons, ammunition, equipment, and supplies. Rogue and the survivors waged a guerrilla war against the Sharp-Yar for years, tieing down millions of enemy combatants once they coordinated with other planet side groups.

Chat arrival and insurrection against the Chat Empire Edit

When the Chat Empire arrived at the frontier world in 2550, they saved Rogue and the survivors but simply replaced one occupying force with another. Rogue was given the Medal of Valor for his work on the world but he never accepted the medal due to his distaste for the Chat.

After the Nomad invasions, Rogue started a small band of guerrilla's to liberate the minority groups in the newly Chat annexed territories. He continued his work until the Battle of Eafth, after which he merged his group with the New Galactic republic.