The Resistance is the Chat Empire's main enemy and a enemy to the Elite Remnant Legion.


The Resistance was officially formed 3 years before the battle of Havin V. During the battle the chat star was destroyed by 1hs444 with the help of Nikolai. After this victory the Resistance had a major morale boost and was able to gain more support for their fraction. Most members of the Resistance are human ,but they recruit all races. Lord of the Stars and his Kig-Yar are supporters of the cause.


The Resistance uses a combination of ballistic and laser weapons. Resistance militia forces wear standard active cammo with a variation of weapons. At times Resistance militia may be seen wearing just light brown shirts and kacke pants.

In battle the Resistance uses a combination of trench warfare, charge tactics, and modern tactics. Trench warfare is the fractions main defense tactic when fighting in natural areas with little or no cover such as deserts, plains, or arctic tundras. The Resistance uses charge tactics when they clear a land zone or when they muster their forces for an initial attack. The Resistance uses modern tactics during all of their offensive battles and blends them in with their trench warfare.


Exact numbers of the resistance are unknown but, they are definitely out numbered by the Chat Empire. The Resistance has approximately 8 billion members. They are constantly making new bases and recuiting new allies. The Resistance also has a huge spy network. The Resistance has direct control of around 30 percent of the galaxy and secret bases throughout the entire chat empire in all but, its most loyal worlds.